What should your boyfriend do if his mom left him at her ex-boyfriend's house and she beats him for no reason and throws his stuff out and blames it on her ex-boyfriend?

Answer Answer He needs to call the police or talk to someone at school who can call social services and get him out of that house. It is a horrible life to go through and you should do the best you can to... Read More »

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My girl has cheated on me for 2months. and i have not got over that. SHOULD I CHEAT ON her 2?

no leave the ***** once a cheater always a cheater

What should you do if you're 17 and moving to Florida in a month and you just found out you're pregnant and should you tell your boyfriend?

17, Pregnant, & moving to Florida Talk your Mom & Dad...let them know what is going on. Then talk to the father of you child and if he is 17 like you, have you parents talk to with his. You may no... Read More »

What Should I Get My Boyfriend for His Birthday?

Boyfriends can be hard to buy for -- they often don't want flowers or other romantic types of gifts. Edibles are a great choice, as long as he isn't allergic to the ingredients; you can also make o... Read More »

What should be done if a boyfriend threatens to hit you?

Dump him is the safest thing to do.Besides, if he threatens to hit you that's not a true boyfriends.There are heaps of boyfriends better than that jerk.