What should i do if i work in a hostile work environment?

Answer On One Hand: Stand Your GroundA hostile work environment is a form of harassment. If you feel threatened or discriminated against, you can file a claim with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity... Read More »

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What is a hostile work environment?

Many of us complain about an annoying coworker or the overbearing boss, but knowing when annoying behavior crosses the line into harassment is important. While there are no laws specifically addre... Read More »

What constitutes a hostile work environment?

Although employees may consider a wide variety of actions and words from their boss to be of a hostile nature, the legal definition of a "hostile work environment" has some specific components.Who ... Read More »

What Dictates a Hostile Work Environment?

A hostile work environment refers to a workplace in which one or more employees feel that discriminatory employment practices and continual harassment create an intolerable work environment. Simply... Read More »

What is considered a hostile work environment by Delaware law?

A hostile work environment according to Delaware state law, and the federal laws that apply to all states, is an important issue that must be addressed. There are some major misconceptions about wh... Read More »