What should i do if google disabled my adsense account unfairly and won't respond to my emails?

Answer If Google detects too many accidental clicks from the same IP they might consider someone is trying to cheat AdSence and drop the account on the website involved. This usually happens when the pay ... Read More »

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Google Adsense Disabled: How to Appeal?

Google AdSense is a program which allows webmasters to make money by posting advertisements on their websites. There are a number of metrics used to determine payment, but an important component is... Read More »

GoogleADSENS has Disabled my account for no fault. Can I Re-Apply for Adsense from different e-mail on the IP?

The most important thing to do is to resolve the problem that caused your account to be disabled, otherwise the same thing will happen again. Google is very sensitive to page CTR (click through rat... Read More »

A new google adsense account?

Try using a different ad network such as Adwager or other alternatives.

How can i get my google adsense account accepted?

Create a webpage/blogHave high quality, unique content on itHave inbound linksHave daily unique visitors