What is 'hand foot mouth' disease?

Answer It's a viral condition that usually goes away within a week. There isn't any treatment but that of the symptoms. Keep your baby hydrated and use a fever reducer if the temp is over 101. Call yo... Read More »

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Parents: Where does Hand Foot and Mouth disease come from?

It's dubbed that because the rash that accompanies it is primarily on the palms of the hands, bottom of the feet and inside the mouth/throat. In extreme cases (like with my own little overachiever... Read More »

Can a 14 year old get hands foot and mouth disiese?

Yes.HFMD mostly infects children younger than 10 years of age, but older children and adults can also get the disease. People who get HFMD develop immunity to the specific virus that caused their i... Read More »

How to Prevent Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease?

Good hygiene practices can lower the risk of spreading HFMD.Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is spread person-to-person by contact with the virus. Infectious virus is found in the nasal and thr... Read More »

How to Identify and Treat Bovine Foot and Mouth Disease?

Bovine foot and mouth disease (FMD) is an acute highly contagious viral infection of cloved-hooved animals. It's characterised by vesicular lesions and subsequently erosions of the epithelium of th... Read More »