What should i do, i found that my soon to be husband is cheating on me?

Answer RUN, dont walk, RUN away from this man as fast as you can!!! Once a cheater, always a cheater. Have some respect for yourself and dont let someone treat you that way!!!! Even if you are alone for ... Read More »

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What are the next steps a mother should take if she found out that the school counselor called CPS on her ex-husband for child abuse?

Answer She COULD contact the local prosecutor, but CPS will take care of that. Coordinate your efforts with CPS. They'll have good information for you. New Answer People who deal with children (te... Read More »

Should I Tell a Wife Her Husband Is Cheating on Her?

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How can I keep my son from blabbing to my husband that I am cheating on him?

Now, now, no need to waste money on hookers that will give him diseases that you'll just end up paying for.When your husband comes home, be crying hysterically. Between sobs, tell him you just got... Read More »

Should a Friend Tell a Friend If Their Husband or Wife Is Cheating?

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