16th bday party for my sis?

Answer i like the pink if all for girls & thewhite tie affair.

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What to wear to a surprise bday party?

Depends on where it is being held. Probably your best bet would be jeans and a nice shirt'.

What are some ideas for a 15yr old girl's bday party?

Throw a mini party. Get all the things you like and play all your favorite music. ask your mom to make you your favorite meal. Be creative. do what a 15 year old girl does. Just don't do anything s... Read More »

What are some recommendations for a 35th bday party for a woman whos a fasionista?

Maybe somewhere that has good tea and sandwiches or a nice brunch setup

Is a mad hatter tea party a good 16th birthday party idea?

well, that's pretty interesting... but make it formal and not so alice on wonderland style... it is pretty unusual for a girl to want such a formal theme, since nowadays, most girls want something ... Read More »