What should i do first when training my new puppy?

Answer Having a good dog is not something that occurs by accident, it must be carefully directed from an early age. Training a puppy is a task that requires continual attention and patience. While teachin... Read More »

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How Long Should You Let a Puppy Bark When Crate Training?

Themed parties can add a new level of fun and excitement to children's parties, and a luau theme can be the ideal way to add a taste of summer to any celebration. Guests can take advantage of fun-i... Read More »

When Do You Remove a Crate When House Training a Puppy?

If using the crate method to house train a puppy, then the crate is ideally used throughout the rest of the dog's life. Veterinarian Dr. Amy Wolf recommends that when dog crates are bought, they sh... Read More »

When can a puppy start clicker training?

A dog owner can start clicker training with a puppy of any age. Clicker Train USA recommends starting early in a puppy's life, based on his ability level. Clicker training with a puppy can help dev... Read More »

What should I wear for my first day of training?

Did you happen to notice what the uniform looks like? If you can, wear something similar colored so you don't stick out.If that is not possible, you cannot go wrong with black pants and a white sh... Read More »