What should i do at 14 years old now that both my parents are deceased?

Answer yes,she is really sad .she was an angel R.I.P

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Wedding Etiquette for Deceased Parents?

A wedding is a time for celebration, and it should be a joyous occasion. If you have a deceased parent, you have another important person that you want to be there in spirit. Including a deceased p... Read More »

Can you use your deceased spouse's or parents'credit cards?

Using a credit card that doesn't belong to you is considered identity theft. If you knowingly use the credit card of the deceased, the credit card issuer could also pursue fraud charges against you... Read More »

Can Children Be Held Responsible for the Reverse Mortgage of Deceased Parents?

Whether or not a reverse mortgage is a good thing may depend on your perspective. If you are a senior who owns a home and is on a fixed income, it can be a veritable lifeline. If you are the childr... Read More »

How does the adoption process work when the parents are deceased and left a will with a named gaurdian?

Sign up with an agency *if you do, please make sure you research the agency, there are several agencies out there that are no good.**You can also go Independent, and cut out the middle man and save... Read More »