What should i do at 14 years old now that both my parents are deceased?

Answer yes,she is really sad .she was an angel R.I.P

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What should you do if your girlfriend is pregnant and you are both 14 years old?

Answer Tell an adult, your parents, a teacher, a counselor. Do it together and believe me, thinking about telling someone is much worse than actually doing it, you will be so relieved when you have... Read More »

Is there an exception for government assistance for a couple who are both 17-years-old and pregnant when there is no room for them at either parents' home and their parents do not want them?

Answer I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I know it is hard. I guess my first thing is are you sure you are ready to live with the babies father?? It is really hard on a young couple with a... Read More »

If you want to get emancipated but both parents will dissagree is having a dad who is an alcoholic has anger problems and depression and being emotionally abused by both parents a good enough reason?

Talk to Family Services or Social Services, whichever it is called in your state. They can determine your situation. Unless you reach the age of majority, you would not be emancipated, but come und... Read More »

Adoptive parents that have both bio & adopted kids do you find that you don't talk about your pregnancies?

Great question. Here's a twist. As an adoptee who gave birth to three children, I have felt hesitant to talk about my pregnancies too much in front of my a-mother. This was true particularly at ... Read More »