What should i do after the movie but before dinner?

Answer Glad you clarify your age.Go to a park or take a walk. What I suggest you and your girl do, is talk one on one. Play 21 questions with each other. Like ask her a question, she answers, then she ask... Read More »

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Should I eat dinner before or after sport?

Afterwards...its best for your muscles. But just have a small snack before your rock climbing session for energy.

Is it better to exercise just before dinner or just after dinner?

From a training perspective it makes no difference. The only reason why i would say before dinner is because exercising(especially running) can get real uncomfortable after eating.If you want to do... Read More »

Should I eat some of my ice cream now before eating my lasagna dinner?

It is better and nicer to eat after a savoury mealDune

What to have for dinner at a dinner and a movie 007 skyfall party?