What should i do about my possibly broken tailbone?

Answer yes, you should get it checked out. tailbones can actually break during childbirth. i don't believe there is any treatment for the broken tailbone itself. however, a doctor or therapist can recomme... Read More »

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How do i know the difference between a bruised tailbone and a broken tailbone?

A broken tailbone will give you:Pain that increases with sitting or getting up from a chairPain that increases during a bowel movementBruising or swellingTenderness over the tailboneWith a bruised... Read More »

Broken Tailbone?

Definitely see a doctor. I smashed my tailbone a few days before Christmas and I am still not fully mobile. I had xrays the next day and nothing was obviously broken. I visited my doctor again 1... Read More »

Is my toe broken or sprained Possibly just bruised?

Sound like its just bruised. Go to the dr if it does not get better within a week.

Straight blow to forearm. still hurts really bad two days later... how can i tell if it is possibly broken?

You probably broke your arm. When I broke my arm I could move my fingers but I wished I hadn't. If its swollen and its cracking and in constant pain then get it checked. But you should be icing you... Read More »