What should i do I dont know what to do!?

Answer Get your sister to take you to the doctors If she currently sees one. if she doesn't have a doctor, have her take you to a cheep one && sign up. i don't know how "signing up" for the doctor works b... Read More »

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Should you get the flu vaccine or not Your 23weeks pregnant and dont know what to do?

Most women can and should get the flu vaccination during any trimester of pregnancy if the obstetrician approves. Ask your OB/GYN if it will be okay for you. See the related question below for mor... Read More »

What should you do if someone stole your ipod but you dont know who it was?

if you brought it to school and someone stole it there, try looking in the lost and found. Try remebering about when was the last time you saw your iPod then think what you did after. Somebody coul... Read More »

I am trying o get on my moms computer but she locks it and i dont know the password, what should i do?

One time when I needed the code for my moms laptop I waited till she cut it off and put just a tiny(very tiny) drop of toaster struedel icing on each letter. When I saw her go for it once she got h... Read More »

I want to add RAM on my laptop. I just dont know what kind should i get. Any help?

EASIEST WAY go to - just left click on this link - check for offer to test yr ram memory - left click on it - as soon as crucial's server contact yr computer if you have fire... Read More »