What should i buy with my my money Easy Ten Points?

Answer I would save it untill i needed some thing.

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What iPod should i get easy ten points!?

Let me lay it down Straight.Ipod touch 2nd gen.(8gb,16gb,32gb)#1.)Built-in speakers (10/10 loudness, 9/10 clarity)#2.)Touch screen#3.)apps,,music,photos,videos,youtube,…#4.)Speaker setting on sid... Read More »

What Video Camera Should I Buy easy 10 points!!!!?

Sanyo Xacti it's all you need and waterproof!

What color should I dye my hair Its an easy 10 points. Pick A OR B?

Black with shocking red. Tre chic and u sound like u could pull it off.

Should i start to wear concealer easy 10 points!?

Your early i think instead use face-cleansers ? That would help because concealers make ur skin more peachy if u want that go for that ;) if u do get a concealer i wud reccomend like avon , loreal ... Read More »