What should i buy i pad or xbox360 with kinect or a rifle or an led 3d Sony tv?

Answer Well I heard that video games can make you violent so I think you should get the rifle.

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Should you get the iPhone 4 or xbox kinect?

Hi there. :)For my opinion, I would rather get the iPhone 4 because the Kinect isn't as good as you think it is. It doesn't connect very well. iPhone 4 it is. (:

My XBOX360 DVD Drive is dead! Can I put one from another XBOX360 into mine?

I don;t see why it would'nt work. Too bad you voided your warranty or you could probably shipped it off and had it fixed for free.

How to Record Video With Kinect?

The Kinect sensorKinect for Xbox is one of the bestselling electronics around. One problem, though. Microsoft don't offer a video-recording app for recording video with the inbuilt camera. To get v... Read More »

What kind of blank DVDs should you use with a Sony DVD burner?

Blank DVDs compatible with Sony DVD burners include DVD-R, DVD-RW and double-layer DVD-R discs, depending on the recorder model. Select Sony DVD burner models can also record using CD-R and CD-RW d... Read More »