What should i be looking for in a decent video camera I want great home video's?

Answer Shutter speed.Amount of light allowed into lens.Camera shake elimination.Slow-motion capability.Quality of Microphone.Amount of optical zoom. (And Digital, but Optical is better)Sensible resolution.

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How do I put my home videos on my computer from my (8mm) video camera (not a digital)?

I assume your cam don't have these jacks like what you found on your computer, else, you solved your problem. Your cam might have an S-Video-Out & audio-out, you can buy these connectors at Ace Har... Read More »

How do you send in a video filmed on a digital camera to be entered for the America's Funniest Home Videos?

Answer Connect the Digital camera to a DVD recorder and copy the tape to DVD. Send them the DVD copy. You can also use a computer if the computer has Audio/Video inputs and a DVD burner.

What's a cheap but decent camera I can buy for recording quality videos over the summer?

here you go…

Where can I buy a decent video camera for cheap?…