What should be your first response to severe bleeding?

Answer To decide if it is your blood or someone elses.Then call 911

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To stop severe bleeding on the arm?

cover it with a clean towel/ bandage and apply lots of pressure to the area!! If the blood seeps through the material apply another layer over the 1st, if it seeps through this second layer aswell,... Read More »

To stop severe bleeding in the arm?

Tie a tourniquet on the arm (over the humerous bone). Release the tourniquet every half hour and tie again till you reach the operation theatre. Don't give orally anything for it may interfere in g... Read More »

How to Treat Severe Bleeding During First Aid?

You must treat severe bleeding differently than you would minor wounds. Signs of severe bleeding include blood gushing or spraying from the wound and not clotting. If you apply pressure to the woun... Read More »

To stop severe bleeding of the upper leg?

The best way to stop bleeding in the upper leg is through direct pressure. Apply a thick bandage and bind this with a crepe bandage. Elevate the leg to make it harder for the blood to pump. This co... Read More »