What should be the minimum system configeration of computer for plc programming?

Answer It all depends on which operating system, what version you will be using, and other such factors.Try doing a quick search using Google to get the details you want, or look at the following as an ex... Read More »

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What should the minimum requirements be for a new desktop computer for a family?

Since you're not looking for anything too high tech then just about any computer you grab off the shelf within your price range will suit your needs. And that's the truth. Now if you want to talk s... Read More »

I'm a computer science major. What are the major programming languages I should know?

I earned a BS and MS in Computer Science over 20 years ago. Here the languages I learned there: PL/C, Fortran, Pascal and C (but only in my last semister of my MS). I also had a smattering of LISP,... Read More »

What jobs can you get in computer programming?

Automated testing. I did this for 15 years. I regret retiring from it.…

What is a computer programming language?

A computer programming language is a set of commands, usually written with Latin characters (i.e., English letters), which instruct a computer how to perform a particular function, such as to displ... Read More »