What should be the base of my design Details inside.?

Answer Maybe something that has the background as the American flag and has a fist that is breaking through a brick wall .. It's shows power , strength and pride

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What would happen if....(details inside)....?

They want the truth!!!????They CANT HANDLE the truth!!!

How do you download songs.......(details inside)?

What happens when you enter the code? Anything?Apparently you're not the only one with that problem. Maybe something here will be of help.…

Can I paint my brick house (details inside)?

It is not a good idea to paint a brink house. Brick is supposed to break. By sealing the brick you could create moisture problems (i.e. mold).

To my contacts and fans,what is your view on this details inside?

You are also lucky to have such a wife who respects you so much.