What should be kept in a safe deposit box?

Answer On One Hand: Valuable Jewelry and Important DocumentsSince banks typically have better security than the average home, storing valuables at home in a safe deposit box can be suitable for expensive ... Read More »

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What documentation do i need to get a safe deposit box?

In order to get a safe deposit box at a bank you need to fill out and sign the safe deposit lease agreement. Requirements can vary depending on the bank and the size of the box. You need to show id... Read More »

What are the Laws Concerning a Safe Deposit Box?

A safe deposit box is a safe and convenient place to store important papers and almost any other small articles that are valuable. In addition to the privacy the box provides, items placed in it ar... Read More »

Is money safe in a safe deposit box?

On One Hand: They Are Not Called "Risky Deposit Boxes"Safe deposit boxes are kept in a bank vault and accessible only by somebody who has the key and knows which bank the key goes to. In terms of k... Read More »

What are new york state laws regarding safe deposit boxes of deceased individuals?

On One Hand: Only Co-owner or Authorized PersonsIf the deceased has a will, the safe deposit box will be sealed by the bank upon death notification. Unless the deceased had a co-owner when they le... Read More »