What should be done when identity theft occurs?

Answer Identity theft is a growing problem, which by some estimates affects upward of 10 million people each year. However, there is now more awareness of the issue, and more help available from financial... Read More »

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Reasons Why Identity Theft Occurs?

For most offenders, the promise of fast, easy money is sufficient incentive to become an identity thief--but more basic motivations also come into play. The need to conceal criminal involvement is ... Read More »

What should be done if child abuse occurs?

If you suspect child abuse, always do the following:1. Call the police.2. Call Child Protective Services.3. Keep documentation.

What happens when you file identity theft?

You should file not only a police report and identity theft report with the FTC, but also a fraud alert with the 3 credit bureaus. That way if anyone tries to open a bank account, credit card or ta... Read More »

What is the difference between credit card theft and identity theft?

In recent years, stricter regulations have been placed on credit card usage, and more people are becoming victims of identity theft. While both place the victim in financial danger, the situations... Read More »