What should be done when a coworker adopts older children?

Answer Yes, you can. Florida has an emancipation statute. The current guardian has to file the petition.

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When an older brother is visiting an older sister about 12 miles from you should he call to visit you or should you call to go see him?

be nice to them as much as you can, do nice things for them.

"You should not adopt children older than 5, because they are too messed up" -- Can you believe this?

We read the bulletin for a 13 year old girl who's mother died a year ago. Her father refused to take care of her. Her mother was a GOOD mother. No drugs, no neglect, no abuse. This girl is in a... Read More »

My coworker injured me while on the job. What should I do?

Sam Milano is correct above. First, you need to get checked out by a doctor. Do you have health insurance from your employer? If so, I would use it and if you end up having to pay anything out-o... Read More »

Does your amount of child support go down if he adopts other children?

If a non-custodial parent has a child support obligation, it may be reduced if he or she has an additional child, either naturally or through adoption. Expenses and other children, adopted and natu... Read More »