What should be a catchy tagline for my very own mango drink?

Answer I wouldn't use the word Mangy because it sounds too much like Mingy and I think that would put people off before they even try it. I can't think of a tag line off hand but I hope you are successful... Read More »

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How to Make Mango and Yogurt Drink (Mango Lassi)?

Mango Lassi is a refreshing yogurt drink that is surprisingly easy to make. Try whipping up a batch of these instead of milkshakes on the next hot day to have with lunch or dinner.

How to Make the Drink Raspberry Mango?

Freshest Raspberry Mango Drink. This will be a hit will all of your friends!

How to grow a mango plant out of a mango stone?

Mangoes are easy to grow. Simply bury the seed about two inches deep in a one gallon sized pot of good soil, keep it warm and moist and when the seedling is six or eight inches tall you can transp... Read More »

Can I Start a Mango Plant From a Mango Pit?

Mangoes are a luscious, tropical fruit grown commercially and for home use across the southernmost United States. For commercial and nursery growing, mangoes are usually propagated by grafting the ... Read More »