What should be a catchy tagline for my very own mango drink?

Answer I wouldn't use the word Mangy because it sounds too much like Mingy and I think that would put people off before they even try it. I can't think of a tag line off hand but I hope you are successful... Read More »

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How to Make Mango and Yogurt Drink (Mango Lassi)?

Mango Lassi is a refreshing yogurt drink that is surprisingly easy to make. Try whipping up a batch of these instead of milkshakes on the next hot day to have with lunch or dinner.

How to Make the Drink Raspberry Mango?

Freshest Raspberry Mango Drink. This will be a hit will all of your friends!

My nipples are very, very sensitive, what should I do?

What should a very scared 16-year-old do if her father got her pregnant and who should she contact and what should she tell them?

Go to school In your predicament, you are going to have to trust someone. Your dad committed a heinous crime, and he must be brought to justice. Guidance counselors in many high schools are train... Read More »