What should an unwed couple breaking up do when an unborn child is involved?

Answer Answer The law in all U.S. states presumes an unwed mother retains sole custody of the child until the father is granted custodial rights. In most states the father will be required to establish p... Read More »

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The Rights of the Father of an Unborn Child of an Unmarried Couple in Arizona?

The state of Arizona has mandated a number of laws that relate directly to the rights of unmarried fathers, before and after the birth of the child has occurred. While each case is unique, Arizona ... Read More »

Fear of an ugly baby: Is it normal for a pregnant couple to worry about the looks of their unborn child?

Of course its normal! I'm surprised how many ppl feel this is an illegitimate concern. I dont think your being shallow or anything. Of course you will love your newborn whether its "ugly" or "prett... Read More »

Can an unwed father who has never paid child support and has not been in the child's life get custody?

That would be very unlikely since he has not yet established paternity and so he has no parental rights. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most stat... Read More »

How can you protect an unborn child if you know of a woman who is pregnant with another child and has 5 others but owes child support for some and the others are in group homes?

Answer Call child abuse hotline to report what you know about the ones that are already here and let them know that she has another on the way. They may be able to help her to see that she needs s... Read More »