What should all parents know about ensuring health and safety for their children?

Answer Well first of all they should know what is good for their kids; healthy eating and exercise. They should also be able to identify common infections. Oh and what moles/ freckles need checking for sk... Read More »

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Should adopted children have the right to know their biological parents?

Should Adopted Children find out about their Birth Parents?

Yes/No Situation. It's something an individual will want to know, to complete them. Without knowing, there will be an empty hole - a missing piece to the puzzle of you. On the other hand, your bi... Read More »

What Safety Features Will Parents Want When Their Children Are on School Buses?

A child's safety is one of a parent's chief concerns. One concern that parents of school age children have is their child's safety while riding the school bus. Even though school buses are cited by... Read More »

Just as adoptees should know the truth about their biological families, shouldn't egg/sperm donor children?

Yes.The law changed a few years ago in the UK (2005 I think) so that sperm donors are no longer allowed to be anonymous so after that date sperm donor adults are allowed to know who the sperm donor... Read More »