What should a woman give when proposing to a man?

Answer On One Hand: Traditional RingChoose a ring that matches your man's style and tastes and present it to him during a romantic moment. You don't have to get on one knee, but the ring is the symbol of... Read More »

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Ive received an email from a woman claiming she is dying and wants to give me her inheritance 2 give 2 charity?

And why the hell would she pick you out of millions of other people - her solicitor can arrange for her money to go direct to a charity - they dont need a middle man. Report them to Yahoo and then... Read More »

Who is proposing a bill to tax the 401(k)?

Two Democrats in the House proposed a bill in 2008 to eliminate the tax breaks that Americans get on their 401(k) accounts. Representative George Miller and Representative Jim McDermott proposed a ... Read More »

How to give woman oral?

Pay lots of attention to the clit... Use your fingers if your tongue gets a bit tired...

Why do woman give birth?

because if they dont, it will look like you are a fat lady.