What should a shih tzu dog look like?

Answer The shih tzu breed of dogs originated in China where the animals were a favorite house pet among Chinese royalty. The dog breed first arrived in the United States after World War II, and the Americ... Read More »

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What is the difference between female shih tzus& male shih tzus?

Male and female shih tzus display few obvious physical differences. According to the American Kennel Club's breed standards, shih tzus of both sexes are compact, friendly and small in stature. Neve... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Shih Tzu?

A shih tzu, aren't they cute!Do you want to take care of a Shih Tzu? These dogs, like any dogs, require hard work and attention, but there are some breed-specific problems that need particular care.

How to Pick up Your Shih Tzu?

As a Shih Tzu owner would agree Shih Tzus are so small and fluffy you have to be careful while picking them up!

How big should my shih tzu puppy get?

A shih tzu will weigh between 9 and 16 pounds when it is fully grown. Its height will be between 8 and 11 inches tall at the shoulder. The shih tzu breed was recognized as a toy breed by the Americ... Read More »