What should a person with hypertension eat?

Answer On One Hand: The DASH DietThe DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet includes four to six servings of both fruits and vegetables, six to 12 servings of grains, two to four servings of ... Read More »

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Can a person with hypertension get a massage?

On One Hand: Contrandications for MassageAccording to the website, any activity that increases intra-vascular pressure is contraindicated for hypertension. Because massage... Read More »

What are the good exersise for a hypertension person?

walking bikes swimming but most of all go to your local gym they can Plan out a regime that will be mayed for you

Should a person with a weakened immune system be around a toddler or other person who received swine flu nasal mist?

It depends somewhat on the cause and severity of the immune system compromise. In some situations, the recommendation is to wait for a week after the vaccination before being in close contact with ... Read More »

What should the lifestyle be of the person with AIDS?

On One Hand: Abstinence Requirement?A person with full-blown AIDS should continue living a normal lifestyle, with some exceptions, according to the Centers for Disease Control. One big lifestyle ch... Read More »