What should a newborns blood sugar be?

Answer find a doctor FAST! there might be something wrong with your child. If the doctor says that all is fine, visit one more doctor just in case. but remember that children are tricky, and your little a... Read More »

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What should i eat for low blood sugar?

I always keep regular soda in my fridge just in case of a low sugar.

What should i do my blood sugar is 410?

Wow!! If you are already diagnosed with diabetes, and don't know what to do , call your Dr. and get advice on it. If you are not diagnosed and this is just some random check you to the ER NOW!!!!!!... Read More »

What should I do about my blood sugar?

if it is just after a meal, you are OK. give it an hour and recheckhowever, if this is a random glucose you need medical attention ASAP. It is extremely important, having a high blood sugar for a l... Read More »

What should i do if my blood sugar level is 555?

It does not matter if you are type 1 or type 2....high blood sugar is not good. Walk for 30 to 45 minutes. This is an excellent way to bring down high blood sugar levels in both types of diabetes... Read More »