What should a girl who is under the age of eighteen that is pregnant do?

Answer Help for unplanned pregnancy. See a doctor, it is confidential, or go to your local crisis pregnancy care center. They can provide help with doctors and provide knowledge on the pregnancy process.

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If a girl has gotten pregnant at fifteen years old and is now sixteen and the father is now eighteen can the father go to jail?

Answer No the father wont go to jail Answer If you are not married to him, and he was under 18 when you got pregnant - YESStates establish AOC laws and when and how those laws are applied. When b... Read More »

Can an eighteen year old guy get charges pressed against him for getting a seventeen year old girl pregnant?

Answer The laws vary from state to state, but generally, sex with a minor is considered unlawful sexual intercourse.

How do you tell your parents you are pregnant if you are under eighteen?

Answer Wait until they are well rested and after a meal. Sit them down and tell them you've made a mistake. Parents like to hear a child admit fault. Then proceed to tell them you are pregnant. Ha... Read More »

How to Give a Gift to an Eighteen Year Old Girl?

Whether for the holidays, a birthday, or high school graduation, what to do when the intended recipient is an eighteen year old girl and you haven't a clue what to give.