I never wear make up. if i went on a date should i wear some?

Answer If you would be comfortable doing that and it makes you feel pretty and confident, go for it!

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What should you wear on a first date?

A floaty dress maybe a tad summery with simple pumps :)Maybe a necklave and a bracelet/bangles on one hand.Maybe with the dress some short leggings adn maybe sandals.

What should a woman wear on a first date?

A first date also means making a first impression. Remember you want the person to be attracted to you, but you don't want to have to keep up an act should this date evolve into a relationship.Outf... Read More »

What to Wear to a Coffee House Date?

A fun part of planning a bridal shower for your soon-to-be-wed friend is coming up with games for the guests to play and small prizes to award to the guests who win the games. Choose prizes that ma... Read More »

Emm..can u help me what 2 wear on my date prepared 2 outfits.. :D?

Preparing both outfits won't be a waste because (presumably) it isn't like you are only seeing him for one date, if he's your bf. I don't exactly understand why he would be "surprised" by your look... Read More »