What should a diabetic diet consist of?

Answer Diabetes mellitus, the metabolic disorder most commonly associated with hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), can be controlled with a proper diet and exercise. Type 2 diabetes, the more prevalent form... Read More »

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How does an insulin resistant diet differ from a diabetic diet?

I'm assuming you mean a diet for someone who has insulin resistance, my friend. They're basically the same thing. i.e. you need to control your carbohydrate intake.With either condition your docto... Read More »

What does the Zija diet program consist of?

Zija is mostly bioflavinoids and your health will improve the more you use it because it strengthens you immune system and lets the body heal itself. The weight management system consists of: Smar... Read More »

Diet for diabetic patient?

Hi,I'm Type 1 diabetic & have found that a normal, balanced diet with a reduction in the amount of carbohydrate works for me. Always have some protein with your carbs. Fruit & cereals send my sugar... Read More »

What kind of diet do you have to follow when you're diabetic?

First, perhaps his doctor WANTS him to lose weight. Often losing weight helps bring blood sugars down. You'd have to ask the doctor to be sure, including asking if there is a higher calorie diet ... Read More »