What should a 4 year old know i.e. milestones?

Answer If you have a dollar store near you check out the books they have for helping to teach your child. My daughter is a little older than your child, her teacher had me teaching her these sight words... Read More »

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What should a 17-year-old do when she really wants a baby but she doesn't know how her parents will take it?

AnswerIf you believe you're mature and strong enough to being a child into the world, then you should be mature and strong enough to sit and talk with your parents. Beware, though: It takes about $... Read More »

What should an almost three year old girl know as far as olors,numbers,letters,animal sounds...?

She should know a few word combinations and identify things she wants. At two if she know some letters than she is being forced taught and that is no good. Give this baby a chance to be a baby. I h... Read More »

You know the new world thinest laptop should a 11 year old be able to get one if....?

11 year olds should be playing sports and have fun playing outside, not messing with technology. I mean, hey, you only get to be a kid once.

How much should a 4 year old know before going to PreK?

The phone # is a good idea but tough to get it right. Sounds like she will do well..attention to the teacher may be the most important thing kids need to do but that's hard to teach at home..know... Read More »