What should a 17-year-old do if he gets a 14-year-old pregnant?

Answer Answer The first thing both of you need to do is to sit down with your parents and let them know what's going on. There are some rather weighty decisions that must be made and you will need all t... Read More »

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If a 14 year old girl gets pregnant what will happen to the 16 year old boy that got her pregnant?

Yes he can get in trouble that is considered rape. If the police find out he will go to jail. I hope this really didnt happen. :)

What can happen in Minnesota if an 18-year-old gets a 14-year-old pregnant and could he go to jail?

Answer Yes, he can go to jail for statutory rape of a minor. Answer The 18-year old is considered a legal adult in most states including Minnesota, the 14-year old is a minor and beneath the age of... Read More »

If a 15 year old girl gets pregnant by a 19 year old guy what can happen if the mother consents?

It depends on where you live. Even in the US, the laws vary by state, but I'm not aware of any state where it's legal for a 19-year-old to have sex with a 15-year-old child. Even if she screamed '... Read More »

If a 15-year-old gets pregnant by 22-year-old willingly in Kentucky what are circumstances?

if charges are pressed by your parents not by you then the guy will go to jail for statutory rape which means that although consented he did have sex with you.