What should a 14-year-old do if she is having twins?

Answer all i can say is goooooood luck yo. AnswerFirst of all, you need to get a lot of love and support from family and friends. Don't be afraid to ask. Take care of your body and get regular medical at... Read More »

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What should a 13 year old girl do if she is pregnant with twins and is having contractions at 7 months?

Answer Call an ambulance and go ditrectly to the hospital.Unfortunately this answer is likely to be too late.

What increases your chance of having twins?

that many sets of twins on both sides of the family would definitely increase the chances of having twins

Okay, I'm pregnant with twins, and I have a 5 year old and a 7 year old, plus a 12 year old stepdaughter, how?

Aww Whipass it must feel like some sort of unreal nightmare right now, but you know what you'll manage.You appear like a strong, capable woman I bet you and your family will do just fine.Good luck ... Read More »

Okay I'm having twins, What will I need for them, and how much?

Just get the minimum for the first few months Chick as they grow out of them so fast. You can always buy extra after they are born if you need them. Next time I speak to my daughter in Athens I w... Read More »