What should I write on a cemetery marker for a mother?

Answer An epitaph is an inscription on a cemetery marker or gravestone that honors the memory of, or commemorates the person who is burred at the site of the grave marker, according to the online Merriam-... Read More »

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How do I write on DVDs with permanent marker?

Copy the desired information on to a blank DVD-R. Locate a spot on the DVD-R that is easy to read. If the DVD-R is light colored, choose a permanent mark with dark ink, but if it is black or a dark... Read More »

Can you write on cotton with permanent marker?

You can use a permanent marker on cotton fabric, but some permanent markers may bleed. Your best bet is to use a permanent fabric marker, which you can buy at sewing and craft stores.Source:Republi... Read More »

How to Write a Name on Clothes Without Tags With a Laundry Marker?

A common way to label clothing with a name is by writing on clothing tags using a laundry marker. However, certain items of clothing don't always come with tags, or you may have to remove the tags ... Read More »

How to Write a Book About Your Mother?

Did you have one day the idea of writing a book about your mother ? do you think her life deserves to be wrote and published ? You're in the right place!