How to Write a Song About Yourself?

Answer Do ever wonder if you could write a song about yourself? You've written about your life, your girlfriend, etc. But you have never written a song about yourself? Here are ways to write a song only a... Read More »

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What should you write about teenage pregnancy?

It all depends who the audience is and what you want your main message to be. Are you for or against it? Are you desiring to help? Were you pregnant as a teen and desire to tell your story? It all ... Read More »

How to Write a Song About a Great Tragedy?

Have you been through something tough, whether its a loss of a friendship, pet, or family member? Do you want someone to understand your pain, but have no idea how to express it? A song is one of t... Read More »

How to Write a Funny Song About a Family Member?

At a relative's birthday party, holiday event, or when you're hanging out, sometimes it's fun to write a song or rap filled with humor about someone.

Is it okay to write a song about male rape?

Perhaps you would feel better if you saw a list of songs already written about rape or sexual abuse. If you say nothing it will bug you forever. Just check out this list and hopefully it will give ... Read More »