How should i wear my hair to the movies?

Answer Where it in a big bun that extends two to three feet above your head... that way everyone in the movie theater will notice you. You'll make a unforgettable first impression.Seriously... just wear a... Read More »

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What to wear to the movies tonight please help!?

That souns perfect! I run out of my cute outfits too! Have a good time at the movies!

Can people who wear glasses watch 3-D movies?

People who wear glasses can watch 3-D movies as long as the 3-D glasses fit over regular glasses. If you plan to watch a 3-D movie in a theater, call the theater ahead of time to make sure that the... Read More »

Can people who wear glasses watch movies in 3-D?

The 3-D glasses used by movie theaters are large enough to fit over regular glasses worn by movie-goers. Wearing the 3-D glasses may be uncomfortable during long movies, but the glasses are mostly ... Read More »

What would yo do if you had 3 bedwetting accidents and your aunt made you wear a baby's diaper to bed last night and said you were going to wear one again tonight I dont want to wear the diapers?

Obviously you're old enough to write about this, so I would strongly suggest you go to your aunt and ask to be taken to a doctor. This could be a medical problem you have no control over. Humiliati... Read More »