How should i wear my hair to the movies?

Answer Where it in a big bun that extends two to three feet above your head... that way everyone in the movie theater will notice you. You'll make a unforgettable first impression.Seriously... just wear a... Read More »

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If a llama were to wear lipstick, what color do you think it should wear?

What color should my maid of honor wear at my wedding if i wear coral?

On One Hand: Go With a NeutralCoral is a rather unconventional wedding gown color, so the maid of honor should wear a neutral color that won't overpower the coral color. White goes with everything,... Read More »

What to wear to the movies tonight please help!?

That souns perfect! I run out of my cute outfits too! Have a good time at the movies!

What should I do to remove wasp safely What should I wear for protection if any wasps are there?

If you have no activity then the nest is probably dead. Just to be safe wait until just before dark and spray the nest with wasp and hornet spray. It shoots a long stream so you can do this from ... Read More »