What should I wear to a funeral?

Answer…just an idea another…sorry if you don't like these and of course you do not have to go buy this stuff you can ju... Read More »

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What do I wear to a funeral?

A funeral is a solemn event and your attire should reflect that. When it comes to a funeral it is about respect for the deceased and his or her family members. Black is the most common color for a ... Read More »

Why Do We Wear Black to a Funeral?

Queen Victoria of England set the trend for wearing black mourning clothes after the death of her husband Prince Albert, in 1861. The masses emulated Queen Victoria and, thus, it became commonplace... Read More »

Outfits to Wear to a Funeral?

A funeral may be a somber occasion that’s more about remembering the life of the deceased, but your outfit is still a consideration that needs to be made. Many people will have an idea of the sta... Read More »

What color clothing should you wear to a funeral?

While wearing black is always appropriate for both men and women to wear to a funeral, other colors are acceptable. Men can also wear gray or navy, and women can wear gray, navy or neutral colors. ... Read More »