What should I wear to a funeral?

Answer…just an idea another…sorry if you don't like these and of course you do not have to go buy this stuff you can ju... Read More »

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What color clothing should you wear to a funeral?

While wearing black is always appropriate for both men and women to wear to a funeral, other colors are acceptable. Men can also wear gray or navy, and women can wear gray, navy or neutral colors. ... Read More »

After he died, my uncle left me his collection of 70's leisure suits, what color should I wear to a funeral?

it depends on if the plaid is orange green and pink plaid. If it is, that is hot and again, please bring the pots...ugh I mean pots---you understand Marla-speak.

What do I wear to a funeral?

A funeral is a solemn event and your attire should reflect that. When it comes to a funeral it is about respect for the deceased and his or her family members. Black is the most common color for a ... Read More »

What navy uniform do you wear to a funeral?

Any dress uniform would be appropriate. Dress blues are the ones that would be the best. But dress whites are acceptable.