What should I use to clean my tanning bed?

Answer In order to achieve a safe, healthy tan, it is crucial that tanning bed owners invest in disinfectants and polishes to fight off germs and odors. There are several safe tanning bed cleaners on the ... Read More »

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What Should One Clean a Tanning Bed With?

So it's time to clean your tanning bed and you have no idea what products to use. It's very important to use products that disinfect the tanning bed, without harming the surface of the acrylic be... Read More »

How to Clean a Tanning Bed?

Tanning is not only done in the sun these days. Many people enjoy using an artificial tanning bed to get ready for the summer vacation season or spring prom. Some people like a tanned body year rou... Read More »

How to Clean Eye Protectors for Tanning Bed?

When using a tanning bed, eye protectors are essential in ensuring your eyes don't undergo any damage from the UV rays emitted by the lamps. Damage can include burns on your cornea and the developm... Read More »

How to Clean Tanning Bed Bulbs?

Tanning bed bulbs will work effectively for several years if they are maintained correctly. Often, people think that their bulbs need to be replaced, when in reality they just need to give the insi... Read More »