What should I think about when deciding to have a baby?

Answer Having a baby will completely change your life and bring on many new responsibilities. Before deciding to add a child to your family, there are many factors to bear in mind. Evaluate your life in t... Read More »

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Things Males Should Consider Before Deciding to Have a Baby?

Having a baby is life-changing for both mothers and fathers. Sometimes the impact on fathers is completely overlooked or overshadowed by the mother's experience. However, prospective fathers have a... Read More »

Should the US consider the failures of isolationism and appeasement during the 1930's when deciding on foreign policy today?

Black people is much less common in Mexico than in the United States: you can expect more attention as you are of "exotic nature" and most Mexicans are very puzzled when they find out there is an A... Read More »

When should you worry about breathing rate in baby?

This is a tough one. It is tempting to say, "It wouldn't. Find another cause." Review the dose being administered. And look really hard for another cause for the behavioral change.

If your 15 and want a baby and you and your bf have been talking about it what should you do?