Fever: is103.7 bad, my bf has a bad fever and sore throat. What should i do?

Answer visit the doctor

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Stomachache, nausea, loss of appetite, dizzy, mild fever.. Help!?

Sounds like You're Sickly & got some kind of Bug. :( Try drinking a little Water, & turn in Early. The MORE Rest & Sleep you get, the sooner you can Beat this thing !! Hopefully- you'll feel b... Read More »

Why do we feel dizzy when we spin round quickly?

the utricle and saccule in our ears needs time to adjust to the constant movement changes. hence dizziness. it is the same symptoms as vertigo.

Stomachache, nausea, dizzy, mild fever, loss of appetite.. help please!?

You could have an inflamed pancreas. Go to the doctor and get checked out

If your baby does not have a fever but feels warm what should you do?

If the baby is not having fever, but he is still feeling warm ,sensible parents should cover their child with warm clothes in order to prevent him from further diseases.