What should I search for to find this?

Answer You're just feeding the fire. Ignore her.@Josh, "you're."

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Can anyone find a address for this # I can't pay for the search, 714 542-7636, L Tafola ,caller Id display?


When I wake up every morning, I find brand new mosquito bites all over me. What should I do to stop this?

It may be mosquitos, it may be bedbugs, it may be fleas, it may be spiders. Clean the room thoroughly, change the sheets, spray the mattress, and, if you have pets, de-flea them.

I’m tired of seeing every search I made every time I open my browser. How can I remove this search history?

I have referenced a link to an article that gives detailed instructions on how to do this.

Trying to find out if I should buy a plasma tv or a lcd tvI have no idea and need some help on this matter.?

PLASMA consume lot of power, radiate heats more on screen, problem with use in high altitude, heavy to hang,carry or move, more parts and complex inside. LCD very fragile screen. Picture quality..... Read More »