What should I plead in traffic court?

Answer On One Hand: Not Guilty Often WorksAccording to World Law Direct, more than half of the 5 percent of contested speeding tickets are dismissed by the judge. Those who still lose the case after conte... Read More »

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Can you plead no contest to a traffic violation?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanWhen a defendant pleads "nolo contendere" or "no contest" to an offense they are charged with, this means that they do not deny that they committed the offense and are will... Read More »

How to Plead in Court on a Speeding Ticket?

How you plead on a speeding ticket can have far-reaching consequences, including the assessment of fines, increased insurance premiums and even license suspensions. A pleading is your statement to ... Read More »

How can you plead not guilty for a speeding ticket 500 miles away without appearing in court?

What Happens in Traffic Court?

Whether you blew a red light, missed that stop sign or got into an accident, you may find yourself the owner of a newly issued traffic ticket. You can pay it, go to traffic school, if offered, or f... Read More »