Which hardware should i most definitely order online & what should i order in stores?

Answer it depends what stores are by you.for me I had microcenter,which gives great deals on processor+mobo combos,check their newspaper ad.…I bought an i5 2500k ... Read More »

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Can I order off the lunch menu at breakfast at Le Madeleine?

just call them and ask. if you say it's your birthday, they might make a special arrangement for you as well.

"Pic included"Girls do you think i should get more muscle or what should i do in order to look better ?

R u freakin kidding me u look 15 mabey younger either your kidding or ur married at 15 or your not married and you just want know anyway your perfect the way you are

What should i have on breakfast?

Are you wanting easy/fast or something that takes a little prep?If you want easy, I vote oatmeal with vanilla soy milk/brown sugar/raisins or oatmeal with peanut butter/banana. If you don't mind so... Read More »

What should i eat for breakfast today?