What should I name this "invention"?

Answer Its supposed to help you remember thingsIt’s a ringHow about Remembe-Ring

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Does this invention exist and if so what do you call it?

I don't know of anything like that but it would be cool if there was!! :-)

What should I name this house/Property.?

houses/cottages in Britain are named depending on it's ancestry, location and family titles. one can name it after a famous relative of significance to you or a famous relative. if yours has a bit ... Read More »

Would you buy this invention Be honest....?

Its a very interesting idea, although if you havent patented it it's perhaps not the best idea to describe it in detail on a open web forum like this as it may count as "in the wild" and restrict y... Read More »

I'm having twin boys. Should I name them JimmyBob and JimmyJoe, or would this be too confusing?

Call them BobJimmy and JoeJimmy and then they'll be like Michael Jackson'e kids! You know, like WhiteMichael, ParisMichael, Paris2Michael, OtherWhiteMichael and BlanketMichael!