What is the scientific name for snapping turtles?

Answer The scientific name of the common snapping turtle, a reptile found throughout much of North America, is Chelydra serpentina. The scientific name of an even larger cousin to the common snapping turt... Read More »

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How often should the water be changed for turtles?

Depending on the number of turtles in the enclosure, 10-gallon tanks should have the water changed two to three times per week. The water in larger tanks, around 50 gallons, will be cleaner for lon... Read More »

Do small turtles have more Salmonella than large turtles?

Small turtles do not have more Salmonella than larger turtles. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration states turtles with shells less than four inches long were banned for sale because they were sma... Read More »

According to the "Baby Name Advisor", what should your name be?

Priscilla & CashI am not too fond of either. I suppose Cash could be a fine nickname for a name like Charles, but by itself it doesn't sound very proper. I really dislike Priscilla. If that was act... Read More »

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