What should i do if i get a new puppy&i already have a dog?

Answer On One Hand: Introduce the Puppy GraduallyIf possible, introduce a cloth or blanket with the puppy's scent to your home a few days prior to the pup's arrival, says Vet Info. Your established dog wi... Read More »

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What should you do if your puppy is biting?

Most people who adopt puppies aren't thinking about dealing with biting when they taken their new furry friend home. However, nearly every adopter of a puppy will have to deal with biting to some e... Read More »

What is the name of the puppy in Swiss family Robinson?

What is the name of the green puppy on Blues clues?

...Green Puppy.The Green puppy is named "Green Puppy".

What should i do first when training my new puppy?

Having a good dog is not something that occurs by accident, it must be carefully directed from an early age. Training a puppy is a task that requires continual attention and patience. While teachin... Read More »