Are goldfish colorblind?

Answer Goldfish are not colorblind. In fact, goldfish are the only animals with the ability to see both infrared and ultraviolet light. This vision capacity aids goldfish in avoiding predators that use so... Read More »

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How to Breed Goldfish?

Breeding goldfish is not as easy as it sounds. Creating the right environment for your goldfish, finding fertile mates, encouraging procreation and ensuring the correct incubation and birth of eggs... Read More »

If I eat goldfish crackers . . .?

well sir,, I am sick of you goldfish cracker eating people coming on this vegy site, and claiming to be vegetarian. You can not possibly be a vegetarian if you eat goldfish crackers,, because ve... Read More »

How to Draw Goldfish?

Besides being the snack that smiles back, goldfish are a cute and very common pet. Learn to draw one easily by following these steps.

How to Tell if Your Goldfish Is an Adult?

If you want to know if your common goldfish is an adult or young goldfish , follow the steps in this article.