According to the "Baby Name Advisor", what should your name be?

Answer Priscilla & CashI am not too fond of either. I suppose Cash could be a fine nickname for a name like Charles, but by itself it doesn't sound very proper. I really dislike Priscilla. If that was act... Read More »

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What name should I name my headphones?

What is the respiration rate of a goldfish?

The average rate of goldfish respiration is about 66 respirations per minute. This rate will increase or decrease depending on variables such as the size of the goldfish, activity level, water temp... Read More »

What is the old children's tv show that had a goldfish and an old man?

Fred (as in Flintstone, from "The Flinstones") or Andy (as in Taylor, from "The Andy Griffith Show).

What Type of Live Plants Can Goldfish Eat?

Provide your goldfish and other pond fish with healthful, live foods. Keep a varied supply of plants so fish can choose what they want to eat. Not only do adult goldfish eat live plants, their youn... Read More »