I'm a computer science major. What are the major programming languages I should know?

Answer I earned a BS and MS in Computer Science over 20 years ago. Here the languages I learned there: PL/C, Fortran, Pascal and C (but only in my last semister of my MS). I also had a smattering of LISP,... Read More »

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What should you major in to be in the cia?

What should I major in to be a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a rewarding career where you will be helping people with their mental health. Psychiatrists not only counsel patients like a psychologist does, but a psychiatrist can also prescri... Read More »

What degree should a forensic scientist major in?

The degree a forensic scientist should major in depends on what area of forensic science she wishes to specialize in. However, degrees in biology, chemistry and medicine are the most helpful overal... Read More »

What should I major in to become an event planner?

Events such as parties, conventions, concerts and parades just don't happen--they require the skills of an event planner. Communication is a key component in an event planner's operations. A major ... Read More »