What should I have for lunch ...chicken fingers,or mozzarella sticks ?

Answer how about tacos

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Mozzarella Sticks Chinese Egg Roll Or Chicken Nuggets Which would u prefer?

Oh I could really go for some Chicken Nuggets from McDonalds right now! Why'd you have to ask this?! :P

Garlic Bread Mozzarella Sticks or Bread Sticks Which from this list do you like better?

all of the above with ranch and/or cocktail sauce for dipping and a pepsi or beer to wash em down .

Taco Pizza Or Mozzarella Sticks Which would you be in a mood for right now?

Oh My! I just had awesome pizza for supper tonight. Best homemade I ever ate, My daughter-in-law made it. ....Tacos? -Once in a while...Mozzarella sticks? -No good after they start cooling. So it's... Read More »

French Fries Mozzarella Sticks or Mushrooms Which from this list do you like better?