What should I get next for my SLR Sony Camera?

Answer There is no such thing as a filter that protects your lens from the sun's rays. If you are talking about a a UV filter, they were designed to protect film from UV rays. UV rays do not affect digi... Read More »

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What camera lens should you buy next?

You should buy the newest ones out it really helps

How do you download pictures from a Sony digital camera with just the usb data cable and not the software using Compaq Presario V2000 Unsure what the op system is Unable to install Sony camera drivers?

Normally, even without the driver, your computer should recognise the camera as an external storage drive and assign it a drive letter, just like a hard disk or CD drive.If you are usng windows XP,... Read More »

Which camera should I get next?

You can get any dSLR. They are all basically the same. All are good, whatever brand or model. I recommend you get a better model though. DSLR's start at around $500 brand new with a lens.Entry-leve... Read More »

Should I get a longboard or a Sony a65 camera for my birth day?

Both are awesome choices. I think I would go with the longboard just because that's a lot of fun, but it kind of depends on where you live. Are there good waves where you live? If so, then go for t... Read More »